What am I doing this week? (W2/08/2023)

Learning basic physics, registering for buildspace s4, writing TabHub for team proposals, and growing my Twitter to 100 followers...

What am I doing this week? (W2/08/2023)

TLDR: learning basic physics, registering for buildspace s4, writing TabHub for team proposals, and growing my Twitter to 100 followers...

Hi, my fellow readers, I have been talking about TabHub for a while and there will be more coming shortly because I am working endlessly to bring it to the market. So I guess I should take a break a bit and share some exciting kinds of stuff that I am learning and working on right now besides TabHub. But first, if you still don't know about TabHub, it is my very first indie product that I have been building with my co-founder for 4 months straight. You can give me your support by voting for the product on Product Hunt. I'd appreciate all kinds of support.

Coming soon: TabHub | Product Hunt
A next-generation tab manager for intentional browsing. Manage tabs, sessions and track your online productivity. Collaborate with features such as Workspace and Explore. Stay tuned! 😋
TabHub on Product Hunt

Ok, so that is enough for product promotion. Now we don't want to talk about it in the context of this blog.

LEARNING: Quantum Computing Fundamentals

I know that sounds a bit crazy but I have been hysterically excited with the technology behind quantum computers recently. As a low-level programming learner, I have a huge passion for bit-level systems where you code everything in bare metal and logic gates. There is a book that I am reading at the moment called Modern Computer Architecture and Organization giving deep dive into the computer hardware from the Analytics Engine to processors like Intel 4004 to the current stage of quantum computers.


Hence, it raised my interest in this field to the peak level. I read about quantum computing and its basic concepts like qubits and algorithms at the beginning of this year and I genuinely believe this is the next level of computation for humankind. So I decided to read more about it too but seems like this field is an even larger field beyond computer science.


A few first chapters of the book above mention many kinds of stuff about physics and photoelectric. For a guy who only study software engineering in the last 4 years in university, it was a huge obstacle. The more I read, the more time I waste to revise and Google every term mentioned. That is when I realized starting with that book might not be a very wise choice. It seems like the book was designed for someone who already has a background in Physics.

LEARNING: Physics Fundamentals & Theory of Relativity

Because of that, I decided to start from scratch. I picked a book called Universe in a Nutshell written by Stephen Hawking.

The Universe in a Nutshell on Amazon

Ground a few chapters (50 pages I guess) and I must admit, this one is very well written by one of the most famous physicists. It was easy to understand, starting with the history of physics to the birth of the theory of relativity.

My Obsidian graph view for notes related to Physics (I should have added backlinks 😀)

That is quite interesting when you are questioned whether light is a particle or a wave similar to soundwave. I have never thought about that in my entire life. And the relativity theory gives me another perspective about everything in life, everything is relative, time, mass, length...

You can comprehend most of the things and explanations. Quite friendly for physics starters like me. I am reading the chapter on the shape of time at the time this blog is written, it is truly a mind-blowing chapter to explain the origin of time. Will continue reading it and update it in the next blog.

So that is my progress in learning quantum physics and quantum computing. I am trying to start with every fundamental and learn from zero. I will use my blog as a place to update my weekly learning journey. Hope that I can be consistent with this.

Registered for Buildspace season 4

For anyone who doesn't know, @buildspace is a startup school backed by YC in 2019. It is a very good place for idea nurturing and learning how to turn the idea into real life. I registered for season 4 yesterday, you can also secure a slot before 13th August.

The reason why I participated in this program is because it's fun 😀. I mainly work remotely at the moment and this does give me a community where I can find builders who also pursuing their dream.

Following the 6 week program, you should come up with an idea and use the power of community buildspace given to validate and turn it into a real one. The idea that I am working on right now is a new mode for TabHub called Tabhub for Team. I also wrote a proposal for that new mode, you can take a look here.

Proposal for TabHub for Team · Issue #2 · tabhub-official/TabHub
TabHub for Team Features & Implementation Innovation of browser screen sharing TabHub for Team allows users in the same workspace to collaborate on browsing together. Note: Consider the term worksp…

The first week was super fun, I managed to tweet about my idea and receive some feedback from the community, and I also give my opinion on other people's ideas which makes indie hacking much much better.

I think that's pretty much for this week, there are a few other things that I was working on but it is related to TabHub which will be delivered in the next DEVLOG. If you did not read the latest one, here you are.

Wish you a great weekend and thank you for your support!

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