TabHub Devlog (v1.0.1)

Introducing TabHub, the ultimate solution that revolutionizes active tab and link management. With just a single click, you can effortlessly share links, streamlining the entire process...

TabHub Devlog (v1.0.1)

TabHub - Tab manager for intentional browsing

Embrace intentional browsing. Manage sessions, tabs and track your time efficiently.

Read more in TabHub v1.0.1 CHANGELOG:

It may appear unusual to my regular readers who are accustomed to the Vietnamese version of my blog, Góc Của Chung. I had contemplated writing an English version of the blog some time ago, but I hesitated due to concerns about mixing languages and creating inconsistencies. However, my love for this site is so profound that I am reluctant to start a new blog solely for delivering my messages in English. On the positive side, this transition would truly internationalize my blog.

Does this mean I will cease writing blogs in Vietnamese? The answer is NO. I am actively seeking the best approach to deliver blogs in both languages. Nevertheless, I must admit that if no other solution presents itself, I lean towards favoring the English version. If you have any ideas to help me untangle this predicament, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Where does the story begin?

Mình đã tốt nghiệp đại học, vậy tiếp theo là gì?
...Và chỉ khi mình có trong tay một dự án hoàn thiện, mình mới có thể tự trả lời cho câu hỏi: Người mà bạn muốn trở thành vào năm 25 tuổi?
My previous Vietnamese blog post

In my earlier blog post, I shared my aspirations of embracing the path of an Indie Hacker. Upon my return to Vietnam, I made a resolute decision to dedicate myself entirely to the creation of my own product. The initial stages were undeniably arduous, presenting numerous challenges. However, as months of tireless effort and dedication passed, a glimmer of progress emerged, gradually easing the journey. Today, with immense pride and excitement, I am thrilled to introduce all of you to my brainchild: TabHub.

The landing page of TabHub at:

For the past two months, ever since my time in Boston, I have poured my heart and soul into this project. Back when my co-founder and I were still in school, we found ourselves constantly frustrated with the cumbersome process of sharing and managing links while working on our assignments. It was this shared exasperation that sparked the birth of our ingenious concept—a comprehensive tab and link management platform designed to bring order to our chaotic digital lives.

Introducing TabHub

Introducing TabHub, the ultimate solution that revolutionizes active tab and link management. With just a single click, you can effortlessly share links, streamlining the entire process. But that's not all! TabHub also enables you to swiftly build and engage in vibrant, resource-rich communities, opening up endless possibilities for collaboration and discovery. Experience the power of automation and the convenience it brings, all in one seamless tool: TabHub.

All in one tab management platform
Try my new product TabHub

The genesis of the TabHub idea stems from a relatable and straightforward predicament. As an avid Internet user relying on my trusty MacBook as my go-to browsing device, I encountered the immense challenge of efficiently managing multiple tabs. While there are several tab manager productivity tools available in today's market, they often address only specific issues, leaving room for unaddressed pain points.

TabHub is not simply an indie project

Even though indie hacking is a goal in mind when I get started with the product development, the team defines our primary goal in our personal way. We would love to deliver a minimum lovable product and start validating the product idea during the beta testing. As we learn from the best, great things take time.

From Notion with its inspirational story, even the worst part nearly happens at the early stage of the startup, Notion's founders Ivan Zhao and Simon Last never let their brain-child die. This is when you know this is a great product when their founders put their heart into building it.

Report: Notion Business Breakdown & Founding Story
A report from Contrary Research. Discover Notion’s founding story, product, business model, and an in-depth analysis of their business.
A found story of Notion (definitely worth your time)

To the message of David Heinemeier Hansson, a creator of Ruby on Rails, founder of Basecamp and HEY, delivered after Google has a critical decision on their Google Domains platform. The key principle when David executes the businesses is persistence and the goal of building products that remain alive after years.

Until the end of the internet
It’s hard to know what’ll stick around when shopping for software online. Popular services and crucial products get shut down all the time. You can’t even trust that major conglomerates like Google to provide something you can count on two-five-ten years from now. And if you’re betting on something…

Product Analysis

No cloud synchronization

Upon careful examination of the prominent tab managers available in the market, it becomes apparent that they share common features such as the ability to group, move, and temporarily store tabs. Emphasis must be placed on the word "temporarily" as it highlights a crucial pain point.

OneTab on Google Chrome Store

Even the highly acclaimed OneTab, boasting an impressive 2 million downloads on the Chrome Extension Store, falls short in one crucial aspect—it lacks the capability to synchronize tabs across different devices. This limitation represents the initial hurdle that needs to be overcome.

However, it is worth noting that OneTab has amassed a substantial user base, indicating a genuine market demand for this type of product. Nevertheless, the execution of the product leaves much to be desired, evident by the absence of customer support, the need for UX enhancements, and the lack of essential features like cloud synchronization. This realization provides me with a sense of confidence in my assumption regarding the demand for an improved and more comprehensive solution.

One of the user feedback for OneTab related to Cloud Sync

One of the driving forces behind my enthusiasm for this idea lies in the notion of seamless sharing and synchronization of resources across the vast expanse of the Internet. As I delved into existing products, I invested countless hours in search of a solution that would allow for community sharing, only to be left disappointed. While these products excel in optimizing the user experience for individual usage, they seem to overlook a crucial element—the ability to share and collaborate.

Community Explore Feature of TabHub

It's akin to savoring a delectable cake, one that has been meticulously crafted and designed to perfection, yet being unable to share its delightful taste with friends. The absence of a community-sharing feature creates a void, preventing users from truly harnessing the collective power of their networks and preventing the exchange of knowledge and resources.

This undeniable gap further ignites my passion to develop a solution that not only offers an exceptionally individual experience but also fosters a vibrant and interconnected community-sharing environment.

Hard to organize tabs into groups

Chrome Bookmark Feature

When you're accustomed to using Chrome's Bookmark Feature to save tabs, transitioning away from it and adopting an unstructured approach can be incredibly challenging. Speaking from personal experience, I found myself increasingly frustrated when attempting to locate specific tabs amidst a sea of hundreds, using existing tab manager products.

This begs the question: Why not stick with Chrome bookmarks? The answer lies once again in the absence of cloud synchronization and collaborative features. While Chrome bookmarks serve their purpose, they lack the interactive and integrated elements necessary for a comprehensive solution.

From Chrome's bookmark feature to TabHub directory

This brings us back to the core mission of TabHub: to provide an all-in-one hub for tab and link management. While Chrome bookmarks may be useful, they fail to meet the demands for an enhanced user experience with interactive and integrated features. To address these pain points, we have invested months of development and refinement to deliver a solution that tackles these challenges head-on. I'm excited to announce that TabHub is now available in beta mode, allowing you to give it a try without any cost or the need for a credit card. Take this opportunity to experience the future of tab and link management firsthand.

What's coming?

The beta release introduction of TabHub is not well-prepared to fulfill the mission that I declare but it does become a Minimum Lovable Product (MVP). Trust me, you don't regret it.

In the coming months, we have a myriad of exciting features and enhancements in store. Picture a world where cloud synchronization seamlessly connects all your devices, allowing you to effortlessly transition from desktop to mobile without missing a beat. Envision a collaborative environment where you can effortlessly share and collaborate on tabs and links with your peers, unlocking a world of collective knowledge and possibilities.

Moreover, we are diligently working on integrating intelligent organization and search functionalities, empowering you to effortlessly navigate and locate your saved resources with ease. With each step, we are striving to redefine the boundaries of tab and link management, bringing you a product that is worth the wait.

So stay tuned, because the future of TabHub is poised to revolutionize the way you manage and interact with your digital world, empowering you to achieve more, connect deeper, and truly unlock your productivity potential.


To learn more about the product that I am working on:

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